A Halfling with a Mission!

June 23, 2017
A Halfling with a Mission!
Who's got a shady relative and a job to do? This guy! (Art by Sarah Menzel.)

Blog about Adventurer's Armory 2!

June 21, 2017
This isn't the only place I occasionally blog; I've written for Paizo's blog a couple of times--including today, where i mentioned two of my favorite bits about developing Adventurer's Armory 2. You can see it here!
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Torg Kickstarter is Live!

May 31, 2017
I'm super excited that the Torg Kickstarter has begun...and it's crushing all its stretch goals quite handily! The storm has a name...and it's a popular one, apparently!
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Another PaizoCon for the Books!

May 30, 2017
I'm freshly back from PaizoCon and, as always, it was a great weekend of gaming. Lots of the buzz was about the upcoming Starfinder game, and I'm doing a lot of writing for that, so it was good to get that energy.

This year, more so than most, I spent a lot of time running games. Thanks much to my great table for the author-run Pathfinder Society game, my crazy table of bumbling trolls trying to get revenge, and both of my Torg Eternity demo tables. I had a blast at each.

I also played a lot of...
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Pay for Play, and Exit

May 19, 2017
I don't know whether I've mentioned it here before, but I'm a big proponent of my friend Joshua's idea of a fair cost of "pay for play." In short, I expect to be reasonably entertained for an hour for $5. (If I go to a 2-hour movie, I'll spend around $10, for example; a novel that costs $20 but is an enjoyable read for about 4 hours feels fair.) If a game or activity costs less than $5 per hour per participant, then it's a good "pay for play" ratio.

In this line of thinking, board games and RP...
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To the Stars!

April 26, 2017
It seems like it's all space-themed RPGs these days! From some development for the Legendary Planet adventure path, to receiving the gorgeous Aethera book, I had more than enough space fantasy to go around--but now I'm writing for Paizo's Starfinder setting, too! More details on that later, but I wanted to drop a note to say I'm keeping my head in the stars!
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Development Reflections

April 12, 2017
I had a heavy load of RPG development for a few different companies recently (development is taking an author's turnover and ensuring it's consistent in tone, high-quality, and appropriately styled to go to editing and layout), so I've been seeing a lot of great work from a lot of great authors. Here are a few takeaways from that:

* Authors plainly have strengths. Some are super tight in rules knowledge but don't have great prose; others have super evocative prose and naming, but don't think t...
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Getting Legendary!

March 28, 2017
I'm deep into some development work I'm doing for Legendary Games' sword-and-planet adventure path, Legendary Planet. It's neat! I think there's something of a steep learning curve for the world they're creating--learning the Accord from the Hegemony and the elali from the jagladines from the klaven from the bil'djooli--but once you get a mental picture of who's who, the themes are easy to grasp and the overall plot is strong. It's worth checking out!
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Fangs of War is Coming!

March 15, 2017
As an author, I sometimes get advance copies of Paizo products (in pdf) before they're generally available. I just received the first two issues of the Ironfang Invasion adventure path, including my adventure, Fangs of War. It looks fantastic! I love the layout of this AP--the page borders remind me a lot of Warhammer Fantasy volumes, and in a good way. The text of my adventure was tweaked in ways that make for a better overall experience (particularly in making some of the NPCs less static, ...
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A Deep Dive

March 7, 2017
I find myself handling a lot of underwater rules, adventures, and such these days. The work I did on the nearly-all-underwater adventure for the Ruins of Azlant adventure path has turned into some other editing/writing work for underwater adventures. I don't even particularly like encounters underwater as a player (because of my dwarf that drowned in a still bay all those years ago, Greg), although I've had a lot of fun with them as a GM.

And I foresee more of it: my Kingmaker players are abou...
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I'm Ron Lundeen, an active gamer and RPG adventure author. I've recently had products in print for Paizo Publishing, Wizards of the Coast, Raging Swan, Open Design, Headless Hydra Games, and Rite Publishing. I'm still taking freelance writing assignments, but also focusing on writing for Run Amok Games.

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