The Emergency Settlement Collection

For GMs in need of civilization! When you need a fully-detailed settlement right now, "The Emergency Settlement Collection" comes to your rescue. Ranging from tiny villages to massive metropolises, each of these seven ready-to-play settlements comes with a straightforward overview, history, notable locations, interesting characters, settlement statistics, new rules for PCs in or from the settlement, and secrets for the PCs to explore. Each settlement can serve as a jumping-off point for adventure, or a home base for an entire campaign. Full color maps of each settlement (tagged for GMs and untagged for PCs) are also included.

"The Emergency Settlement Collection" contains a city of art and song beset by dangerous foliage, an industrial metropolis bound to nefarious patrons, a gnome boom town amid a firearms revolution, a reclusive village of nature-warping lizardfolk, a mercantile river town with magical secrets, a plane-hopping city of vicious cannibals, and a sleepy frontier village near a pit of danger and adventure.

“The Emergency Settlement Collection” is written by Ron Lundeen and Gregory Hanigan.

Nasty Bastards

Be the monsters! The mighty ogre mage Grozdok Bonehorns rules his tribe of fractious humanoids with an iron fist, and you are one of Grozdok's tribe! Earning the favor of your powerful leader--and striving to avoid his disfavor, which would result in arbitrary execution--you are sent to raid a stranded dwarven caravan. This simple robbery reveals a mystery that will change the Bonehorns tribe forever. If you're lucky and canny, you'll join the tribe's brutal leadership; if not, you'll be one of the hordes of humanoids crushed beneath adventurers' boot-heels. Play nasty!

"Nasty Bastards" is an unusual mega-adventure for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, suitable for any game world, where the PCs are vicious humanoids questing to elevate their position in their brutal society. Presented for humanoids of 1st level, this mega-adventure takes the PCs to 6th level or beyond. This full-color adventure contains a file with 1 inch square maps of encounter areas ready for printing, player handouts, and six pregenerated PCs (a hobgoblin anti-paladin, kobold ranger, goblin rogue, orc barbarian, goblin oracle, and hobgoblin sorcerer). "Nasty Bastards" is written by Ron Lundeen, with maps and art by Blake Wilkie.  

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