Here is a long list of the work I've done outside of Run Amok Games. These works are primarily for the Pathfinder and Starfinder RPG, but include many other game systems as well. The works are listed by publisher (first by Paizo Inc., with my most numerous credits, and other publishers alphabetically thereafter), then in reverse chronological order (most recent at the top). 

Products with an plus ( + ) most reflect my current adventure style: if you like what Run Amok Games does, these are the products you’ll enjoy most. Conversely, if you like the products with a plus, you’ll love everything Run Amok Games does!

For Paizo Inc.:

+ Starfinder #48 Masters of Time and Space, Chapter 3 of 3 in the Drift Crashers adventure path: a science-fiction dungeon-delving adventure for 5th- to 7th-level characters.

Adventure Toolbox (in Abomination Vaults Adventure Path 5E, co-author), a dungeon-focused campaign filled with evil cults, angry spirits, and more. 

+ Pathfinder Kingmaker Adventure Path (co-author), a sprawling campaign about settling a dangerous land and confronting rivals both mundane and supernatural. My contributions included all-new, high-level dungeon adventure content.

Blood Lords Player's Guide, new rules and character suggestions for the Blood Lords Adventure Path.

Pathfinder Lost Omens: Travel Guide (co-author), presenting an in-world miscellany of subjects like fashion, sports, trade, and games of chance.

Pathfinder Dark Archive (co-author), a sourcebook of occult mysteries, cults, and secrets. 

Starfinder Drift Crisis (co-author), a book of adventures seeds and new rules when hyperspace goes haywire.

Adventure Toolbox (in Abomination Vaults Adventure Path, Pathfinder Second Edition, co-author), a dungeon-focused campaign filled with evil cults, angry spirits, and more.

Pathfinder Lost Omens: Knights of Lastwall (co-author), a close look at the order of paladins and heroes that stand against the world's evils.

+ Pathfinder #175 Broken Tusk Moon (co-author), Chapter 1 of 3 in the Quest for the Frozen Flame adventure path: a wilderness adventure in which members of a nomadic group of plains-dwellers must confront barbaric enemies, for 1st- to 3rd-level characters. 

Pathfinder Book of the Dead (co-author), a sourcebook for all things undead, including undead characters and foes. My contributions include graveknights and the nation of Geb. 

Adventure Toolbox (in Starfinder #43 Icebound, co-author), rules on high-altitude fighting, new powered armor, and rules to build the relentless Swarm monsters.

Pathfinder Lost Omens: Monsters of Myth (co-author), showcasing the setting's most legendary monsters. My contributions include the real-world inspired Spring-Heeled Jack.

Starfinder Galactic Magic (co-author), a look at all things magical in the Starfinder setting, including new spells and more.

Pathfinder Flip-Mat: Night of the Gray Death (design), a double-sided map of key locations in the Night of the Gray Death adventure.

+ Night of the Gray Death: A high-level urban adventure in a nation themed on Gothic horror and the French Reign of Terror, for 16th-level characters.

Pathfinder Guns & Gears (co-author), presenting steampunk rules and setting material. My contributions include the city of Absalom and the distant lands of Arcadia.

Pathfinder Lost Omens: Grand Bazaar (co-author), plenty of interesting shops and a ton of new equipment and rules. My contributions include the adorable poppet ancestry.

Starfinder Tech Revolution (co-author), a book of new technology rules, uses, and dangers in a science-fiction setting. My contributions included mysterious tech relics.

+ Starfinder #40 Planetfall, Chapter 1 of 6 in the Horizons of the Vast Adventure Path, a wilderness adventure about settling an unknown and mysterious world, for 1st- to 3rd-level characters.

Strength of Thousands Player's Guide, new rules and character suggestions for the magic school-themed Strength of Thousands Adventure Path.

Pathfinder Secrets of Magic (co-author), a book detailing plenty of new spells and new ways to incorporate systems of magic in a fantasy game.

Pathfinder Lost Omens: Mwangi Expanse (co-author), presenting Pathfinder's fantasy-Africa setting. My contributions included several new deities and setting material for a cosmopolitan trade city.

The Last Night at Everstand, the Pathfinder Adventure Card Society Open Tournament premiering at GenCon 2020.

Pathfinder Bestiary 3 (2nd Edition) (co-author), a compendium of monsters.

Yrgytch and Yrgytchees (in Starfinder #35 Merchants of the Void), a gravity-bending alien species and their resort planet.

Abomination Vaults Player's Guide, new rules and character suggestions for the dungeon-themed Abomination Vaults Adventure Path.

Pathfinder Lost Omens: Ancestry Guide (co-author), a close look at the people of the Pathfinder Society setting.

+ Troubles in Otari (co-author): Three linked adventures for players new to the Pathfinder Second Edition game.

Starfinder Alien Archive 4 (co-author), a compendium of monsters for a science-fantasy setting.

+ Starfinder #33 Dominion's End, Chapter 3 of 3 in the Devastation Ark adventure path: a mind-bending trip through a mighty alien war vessel, for 18th- through 20th-level characters.

+ Pathfinder #160 Assault on Hunting Lodge Seven, Chapter 4 of 6 in the Agents of Edgewatch adventure path: an urban adventure that pits agents of the law against a poisoner cult and a haunted house, for 12th- to 15th-level characters.

Pathfinder Lost Omens: Pathfinder Society Guide (co-author), an in-depth look at the Pathfinder Society, including its locales, characters, and new rules.

Pathfinder Advanced Player's Guide (2nd Edition) (co-author), a collection of new rules for Pathfinder characters of every type; my contributions include the catfolk ancestry.

Pathfinder Lost Omens: Legends (co-author), a look at several key characters from Golarion's past and present; my contributions included Abrogail Thrune and Wynsal Starborn.

Pathfinder Flip-Mat: The Slithering (design), a double-sided map of key locations in The Slithering adventure.

+ The Slithering: An urban and wilderness adventure in a fantastical version of a legendary Africa-themed nation, for 5th-level characters.

The Slithering Pregens: Five pre-generated 5th-level characters, each with backgrounds and rules, useful for The Slithering.

Pathfinder Bestiary 2 (2nd Edition) (co-author), a compendium of monsters; my contributions include strange creatures such as fleshwarps and inhabitants of distant Leng.

Adventure Toolbox (co-author) from Pathfinder #157 Devil at the Dreaming Palace, new urban monsters.

Starfinder RPG Near Space (co-author), a collection of alien worlds, races, and science-fantasy gear from distant corners of the galaxy.

Pathfinder GameMastery Guide (2nd Edition) (co-author), an array of useful rules for running Pathfinder Second Edition games.

Adventure Toolbox (co-author) from Pathfinder #152 Legacy of the Lost God,  new circus-themed items, spells, and archetype.

+ Starfinder #24 The God-Host Ascends, Chapter 6 of 6 in the Attack of the Swarm adventure path: a science fiction military-action adventure for 11th-level characters.

Extinction Curse Player's Guide, new rules and character suggestions for the circus-themed Extinction Curse Adventure Path.

Pathfinder Lost Omens: Gods and Magic (co-author), rules for faith and the gods in the rich Pathfinder fantasy setting.

Extinction Curse Player's Guide, everything you need to set out as a player on the circus-themed Extinction Curse Adventure Path.

Pathfinder Lost Omens: Character Guide (co-author), rules for creating a variety of character types and organizations.

Pathfinder #147 Tomorrow Must Burn, Chapter 3 of 6 in the Age of Ashes adventure path: a urban and dungeon adventure of slavers and freedom fighters for  9th-level characters.

Starfinder Character Operations Manual (co-author), new abilities for science-fantasy heroes of all stripes.

Pathfinder Lost Omens: World Guide (co-author), a detailed look at the rich fantasy world of Golarion.

Pathfinder Bestiary (2nd Edition) (co-author), a compendium of monsters; my contributions include classic beasts such as the cockatrice, harpy, will-o'-wisp, and gug.

+ Starfinder #16 The Blind City, Chapter 4 of 6 in the Dawn of Flame adventure path: a science fiction adventure in a haunted prison deep in the sun for 7th-level characters.

Starfinder Alien Archive 3 (co-author), a compendium of monsters for a science-fantasy setting.

+ Death in Hallein Town (in Pathfinder #144 Midwives to Death), a short investigative adventure for 16th-level characters.

+ Missions in Lastwall (in Pathfinder #142 Gardens of Gallowspire), several mini-adventures in a doomed and war-torn land.

Concordance of Rivals (co-author), a look at the outer planes, deities, and rules options related to the neutral-aligned planes.

Pathfinder #139 The Dead Roads, Chapter 1 of 6 in the Tyrant's Grasp adventure path: an otherworldly horror adventure for 1st-level characters.

Wilderness Origins (co-author), a collection of rules for characters from wild places and character options from remote lands.

+ Starfinder #7 The Reach of Empire, Chapter 1 of 3 in the Against the Aeon Throne adventure path: a science fiction adventure of rebellion and lost lore for 1st-level characters.

Starfinder Armory (co-author), a massive collection of equipment, both magical and technological, for a science-fantasy setting.

The Ulfen Guard (in Pathfinder #132 The Six-Legend Soul), an organization of cunning Viking-styled bodyguards.

Faiths of Golarion (co-author), a look at several non-human deities and other fantasy deities from several different cultures.

Starfinder Alien Archive 2 (co-author), a compendium of monsters for a science-fantasy setting.

Planar Adventures (co-author), a detailed book at the many different planes and dimensions, along with rules for exploring them.

Pathfinder #129 The Twilight Child, Chapter 3 of 6 in the War for the Crown adventure path: an urban adventure with mystery and horror for 7th-level characters.

Nidal, Land of Shadows (co-author), an examination of an evil nation of pain, shadows, and terror.

Arshalin and Ilthisarians (in Starfinder #5 The Thirteenth Gate), an ophidian alien species and their jungle planet.

Into the Unknown: A series of five short, linked adventures to introduce players to the Starfinder organized play setting.

Elemental Master's Handbook (developer): a bundle of new rules options for characters that tap into elemental power.

Blood of the Sea (developer): a deep look at several undersea races, optional rules, and advice for players.

Pathfinder #125 Tower of the Drowned Dead, Chapter 5 of 6 in the Ruins of Azlant adventure path: an underwater dungeon-crawl adventure for 13th-level characters.

Adventurer's Armory 2 (developer), an armory full of new weapons, armors, items, and additional rules.

Legacy of the First World (developer), new rules representing connections to the fairy realms and the mighty leaders of those ever-changing lands.

Treasures of Azlant (in Pathfinder #122 Into the Shattered Continent), several treasures from a lost magical empire.

Ecology of the Vault Builders and Relics of the Vault Builders (developer, in Pathfinder #120 Vault of the Onyx Citadel), articles detailing the inscrutable masters of subterranean worlds.

Fey Boons and Banes (developer, in Pathfinder #119 Prisoners of the Blight), an article about the curses and benefits of dealing with fey creatures.

Pathfinder #116 Fangs of War, Chapter 2 of 6 in the Ironfang Invasion adventure path: a wilderness adventure for 4th-level characters.

The Ironfang Legion (in Pathfinder Adventure Path #115: Trail of the Hunted), history, overview, and new rules for a hobgoblin military organization.

Starfinder Pact Worlds (co-author), providing a detailed view of the home solar system of the Starfinder RPG setting.

Heroes of the High Court (co-author), new rules for using intrigue within a courtly setting.

Pathfinder #111 Dreams of the Yellow King, Chapter 3 of 6 in the Strange Aeons adventure path: a adventure in an alternate reality of dreams for 7th-level characters.

+ Heaven Unleashed (co-author), a description of several adventure sites involving angels and other good-aligned creatures.

Magic Tactics Toolbox (co-author), tips, tricks, and new rules for using magic in and out of combat.

Pathfinder #108 Hell Comes to Westcrown, Chapter 6 of 6 in the Hell's Vengeance adventure path: an urban adventure for evil 15th-level characters.

Cheliax, the Infernal Empire (co-author), a description of the history, lands, and monsters of a land dominated by an infernal hierarchy.

Blood of Shadows (co-author), tips, tricks, and new rules for shadow-themed characters.

Black Markets (co-author), tips, tricks, and new rules for engaging in smuggling and other illicit activities.

Inner Sea Races (co-author), in-depth world focus on several common and unusual playable races.

Occult Bestiary (co-author), a collection of monsters that focus on psychic powers, distant worlds, and dreamscapes.

Melee Tactics Toolbox (co-author), tips, tricks, and new rules for fighting in hand-to-hand combat.

Giant Hunter's Handbook (co-author), background on giants and giant-slaying organizations, as well as new combat techniques for fighting giants and similar creatures.

+ Tombs of Golarion (co-author), six ready-to-play tomb adventure sites.

Lost Treasures (co-author), a collection of magic items and other treasures complete with backgrounds and adventure hooks.

+ Pathfinder #87 The Choking Tower, Chapter 3 of 6 in the Iron Gods adventure path: an urban investigation and technological dungeon-crawl adventure for 7th-level characters.

Champions of Balance (co-author), new rules and suggestions for playing characters with a neutral alignment.

Osirion, Legacy of Pharaohs (co-author), a description of the history, lands, and monsters of an Egyptian-themed region.

Magical Marketplace (co-author), a collection of magic item shops, new magic items, and new rules.

Labyrinth Minotaur (in Pathfinder Adventure Path #77: Herald of the Ivory Labyrinth), a brutish new monster.

Lost Relics of the Crusades (in Pathfinder Adventure Path #74: Sword of Valor), a collection of righteous artifacts and magic items.

Pathfinder Society Adventure Card Guild #6-1 City of Sails and Shrouds: four linked scenarios for the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game.

Pathfinder Society Special #1-00 Origin of the Open Road: an investigative urban adventure in a magical city for 5th-level characters.

+ Pathfinder Society Playtest Scenario #4 The Frozen Oath: a frigid dungeon adventure for 10th-level characters.

Pathfinder Society Adventure Card Guild #5-2 The Patchwork Prison: four linked scenarios for the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game.

Pathfinder Society Scenario #8-17 Refugees of the Weary Sky (developer): a dungeon adventure for 7th- to 11th-level characters.

Pathfinder Society Scenario #8-16 House of Harmonious Wisdom (developer): an Asian-themed series of short quests for 1st- to 5th-level characters.

Pathfinder Society Scenario #8-15 Hrethnar's Throne (developer): a seafaring and dungeon adventure for 5th- to 9th-level characters.

+ Pathfinder Society Scenario #7-27 Return to Azlant Ridge: a wilderness and dungeon adventure for 3rd- to 7th-level characters.

+ Pathfinder Society Scenario #4-23 Rivalry's End: an urban and dungeon adventure for 3rd- to 7th-level characters.

+ Pathfinder Society Scenario #4-07 Severing Ties: an investigation and sabotage adventure for 1st- to 5th-level characters.

+ Pathfinder Society Scenario #3-21 The Temple of Empyreal Enlightenment: an investigative adventure for 1st- to 5th-level characters. 

Pathfinder Society Scenario #3-05 Tide of Twilight: a wilderness adventure for 1st- to 5th-level characters.

For 4 Winds Fantasy Gaming:

Player's Options: Timebender: a full 20-level base class; an agile warrior that can control the flow of time.

For Headless Hydra Games:

Viridian Legacy Chapter 1: The Wasting of Duny Slough (co-author with Thomas Baumbach): an investigative wilderness and dungeon adventure for 1st-level characters.

Viridian Legacy GM’s Guide

Virdian Legacy Player’s Guide

Mor Aldenn – City of Mages Setting Guide (co-author): contributed several locations, new rules, and the introductory adventure “Ringside Seats,” an urban adventure for 1st-level characters.

Mor Aldenn Creature Compendium (co-author): a collection of monsters for the Mor Aldenn setting.

Moon’s Folly: a gazetteer and campaign outline supplementing the Mor Aldenn – City of Mages Setting Guide.

Wreck of the Keening Crone: a wilderness and dungeon adventure for 6th-level characters.

The Haunting of Soldragon Academy: an urban investigative adventure for 5th-level characters.

For Legendary Games:

+ The Horseshoe Calamity (Pathfinder Second Edition): a wilderness and dungeon adventure fitting into the Reign of Winter Adventure Path, for 7th-level characters.

Alien Codex (co-developer): An enormous compilation of rules and NPCs for the Starfinder rules system.

The Horseshoe Calamity (Pathfinder First Edition),: a wilderness and dungeon adventure fitting into the Reign of Winter Adventure Path, for 7th-level characters.

Depths of Desperation (developer): a high-level adventure on a water world whose natives need the help of mythic heroes to fend off an alien invasion, for 14th- to 17th-level mythic characters.

For Lost Spheres Publishing:

The City of 7 Seraphs (co-author): a massive campaign setting and planar metropolis.

For Open Design:

Make Haste! (in Kobold Quarterly #20): article about instilling the “Haste Points” time pressure mechanic in fantasy adventures.

For Paizo Fans United:

Wayfinder #14 (co-author): a miscellany of monsters, for which I contributed Pathfinder Adventure Card Game scenarios.

Wayfinder #13 (co-author): a review of a land of Gothic horror, for which I contributed Pathfinder Adventure Card Game scenarios.

Wayfinder #11 (co-author): a review of a devil-dominated nation, for which I contributed allies and foes.

For Petersen Games:

+ Planet Apocalypse (co-author, ENNIE award nominated product in 2021): a massive 5E book for how to end your world with an invasion from Hell, complete with new rules, new monsters, and tons of desperate adventure!

For Raging Swan Press:

Dark Waters Rising: a catastrophe and dungeon exploration adventure for 5th-level characters.  

For Rite Publishing:

Scattered Sheaves 3: The Bedeviled Scribes (in Pathways #17): an urban mini-adventure for 8th-level characters.

Scattered Sheaves 2: The Dream-Haunted Brothel (in Pathways #16): an urban mini-adventure for 8th-level characters.

Scattered Sheaves 1: The Underground Alchemist (in Pathways #15): an urban mini-adventure for 8th-level characters.

Moso’s Bluff (in Pathways #12): a Japanese-themed mini-adventure for 6th-level characters.

The Fleshgrafter’s Foe (in Pathways #10): an NPC, new equipment, and encounter for 9th-level characters.

For Roll for Combat:

+ Jewel of the Indigo Isles (co-author; author of the Voyage to Runaway Reef adventure), a rollicking pirate-themed adventure path taking characters from 1st to 11th level.

+ Indigo Isles Character Guide (co-author), a collection of new ancestries and rules for the Indigo Isles campaign.

For Ulisses Speile:

+ Curse of the Gae Bolga (in Delphi Missions: Aysle), a race to free a cursed knight.

+ Earth's Dinosaur (in Delphi Missions: Living Land), a survival-horror adventure set in Chicago's Field Museum.

For West End Games:

Creatures of Tharkold (co-author), a chilling collection of techno-horror monsters.

For Wizards of the Coast's D&D Adventurer's League campaign:

+ DDAL05-06 Beneath the Fetid Chelimber

+ DDAL04-05 The Seer

+ DDEX3-10 Quelling the Horde

For Wizards of the Coast's Living Greyhawk campaign:

COR8-03 Aspirations (co-author with Gregory Hanigan)

VER8-06 Noble Ambitions (co-author with Gregory Hanigan and Vernon Vincent)

VER8-05 Quisling

VER8-02 Crypt Things (co-author with Stephanie Lundeen)

VER8-01 Mediation (co-author with Gregory Hanigan)

VER7-09 Jinxed

VER7-08 Race the Spirit’s Lightning (co-author with Gregory Hanigan)

YEO7-07 Dark Gate Stalkers

VER7-02 Storm the Dragon’s Bastion (co-author with Gregory Hanigan)

COR6-11 Return to the Storm Tower

VER6-07 Ride the Merchant’s Highway (co-author with Gregory Hanigan)

VER6-02 Delve the Wizard’s Dungeon (co-author with Gregory Hanigan)

COR5-01 The Stone Man’s Missive

VER5-02 Fallen Hero

COR4-02 The Stone Man’s Puzzle

VER4-09 Wicked Three

VER4-08 Beauty and Two Beasts (co-author with Michael Maenza and Vernon Vincent)

VER4-05 Dwarven Dawn (co-author with Lon Lademann)

VER4-03 Glory’s Warriors

VTF4-04 Insidious Malfeasance (co-author with Terry Doner)

COR3-16 Lerara

TUS3-01 The Haunted House of bin-Khadij

VER3-03 Glory Dimmed

VER3-01 Armor Class

VTF3-05 Firestorm

VER2-06 Glory Town

NYR1-09 Dog Days of the Stone Boys

VER1-10 For Man Nor Beast 

For Zagora Games LLC:

Mother of Monsters Campaign Guide (co-author): a Greek-themed Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition campaign setting.


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