For reasons I'll announce in a later post, I'm wrapping up several of my ongoing campaigns this fall. This has proven remarkably easy, and I thought I'd mention briefly a few campaigns and their resolutions.

My Kingmaker campaign was nearing the end of book 5 (of 6) when I decided to wrap things up. As book 5 is an extended dungeon crawl, I simply cut that short by subtly guiding the PCs to a shortcut to the end. I condensed book 6 into two sessions--one outside the mythical fairy realm and one to take place inside that realm. That long-running campaign will wrap up on Monday.

My Hell's Vengeance campaign was nearing the end of book 4 (of 6), and I made sure that ending was appropriately dramatic. It already ends with an audience with the queen of Cheliax, so I made that a congratulatory scene rather than a scene that propels the action into book 5 and book 6. A fairly solid conclusion there.

I'm playing the Mummy's Mask Pathfinder Adventure Card Game with some friends, and it turns out that we have just one more scenario to play to finish the entire 7-part game. So that timing is more lucky than forced.

New adventures await!