I talked recently about removing "the" from your writing to avoid "othering" certain groups, but this is only one of several words I search for when tightening up some text. Here are three more:

Will: RPG writing is in present tense. You don't say, "the count will reveal his plan to the party," or "if the party stops fighting, the ogres will listen to what they have to say." Put these in present tense: "the count reveals his plan to the party," "if the party stops fighting, the ogres listen to what they have to say." Of course, "will" is going to come up when you talk about Will saves, or about lengthy chains of potential actions where you can't avoid it. But I search for this term in my turnovers. I also search for "'ll" in case I've made a contraction out of it.

PC: Unless the assignment I'm working on calls for the use of "PC" (short for "player character") to reference the protagonists in the story, I avoid it. I find it too jargony, and immersion-breaking. D&D 5E doesn't use the term, and I use "hero" and "heroes" instead of "PC" and "PCs" in my Pathfinder and Starfinder writing. I still use "NPC," which comes up as hits when I look for "PC" in my text. (I also get hits in words like "upcoming.") When I have to use the word for an assignment--like for a Starfinder adventure I'm currently writing--it feels weird. But it's correct for that assignment.

Of: I've only recently started to do full text searches for the word "of" because I see it as a way my writing sprawls. I'll write things like, "When the hag gets tired of the heroes' questions, she picks up the eye of the swamp witch and holds it over the cauldron steaming with fumes of nauseating green." Looking and how and whether I use the word "of" means I can make my writing more focused. For example: "When the heroes' questions tire the hag, she picks up the swamp witch's eye and holds it in the cauldron's nauseating green steam." That sentence isn't ideal, either, but it's a good start on reworking it to remove the "ofs."

Other Words: I have a notepad by my computer where I jot down find-and-replaces at the end of a project, and some of these are super specific; if I've decided to change a name from "Jakanath" to "Janakath," for example, I'll put the former on my "search for this" list. But "will" and "PC" are always at the top of that list, and "of" is now joining them.