The Pathfinder Bestiary and Pathfinder Bestiary 2 have a ton of great monsters in them. There are old standbys, like giants and golems and froghemoths and stuff, and there are Paizo creations like goblin dogs, reefclaws, and sinspawn. But there are also plenty of brand-new critters in there as well, like the ostrich-like cauthooj and the limb-ripping mukradi. Where do these monsters come from? 

The alphabet.

I'm not just being glib. If you look at the placement of these new monsters--all of which are just 1 page long--they show up right before a "spread," or a monster entry that spans 2 facing pages. Since monster entries don't break across pages (unless the entry is 2 spreads or more), that means there would be a blank page right in front of a spread sometimes. If two creatures don't like up alphabetically to fill that blank page (like the way hydra and hyena come together in a spread before the kobolds spread), then a new creature needs to go into that slot. And it needs to fit, alphabetically.

That might be why they have such strange names; they need to fit in a certain alphabetical spot. But strange names are fun, too.

Look through these books and you'll see it. Some examples:

Baomal is right before the barghest spread. 
Cauthooj is right before the cave worm spread. 
Elananx is right before the elemental spread. 
Gimmerling is right before the gnoll spread. 
Gogiteth is right before the golem spread. 
Grikkitog is right before the grim reaper spread. 
Guthallath is right before the hag spread. 
Krooth is right before the lamia spread. 

And that's only halfway through one of these Bestiaries. 

This doesn't make those monsters any less awesome, but it shows that "how it lays out in book form" is a hard driver of creative content.