Traps fill a lot of different roles in an RPG, and they usually say something. Be aware of the message your traps are sending in where they are placed and how they trigger.

Trap in an obvious place (like a vault door): "The builders were serious about this. You should take it seriously, too."

Trap in a not obvious place (like a hallway): "You weren't sufficiently attentive. Here is some injury. Move along."

Trap with effects over multiple rounds: "Pause to consider your abilities. This is an obstacle you can overcome with skill and luck." (coincidentally, most combat encounters "say" this, too.)

Trap that affects people other than the person who triggers it: "I'm spiteful. And I expected a group."

Trap with a high difficulty to disable: "I validate your choice to bring a rogue along."

Trap in a green gargoyle face: "I have learned from the masters."

Traps you trigger but never know it (like a phantasmal killer trap triggered by a paladin who's immune to fear): "Ah, crap. Here's free XP."