Now it's probably pretty clear that my time away from this blog was related to the Skaldwood Blight Kickstarter that ran in February. I'm really pleased that reached the success that it did. We made our funding goal in only a week, and reached almost the second stretch goal (which I'll be providing anyway, and I'll describe that in another blog post).

For now, though, I wanted to do two things: first, I want to recognize the excellent work and mentoring that my friend Owen K.C. Stephens provided. He basically ran the whole Kickstarter; not just the front end that everyone saw, but in providing the advice to do the Kickstarter in the first place, collecting emails from interested people, advising on funding goals and stretch goals, and just about everything else. The man is a treasure and I'm lucky to know him. 

Second, I wanted to mention what comes next. My blogs about the Skaldwood Blight were quite some time ago, as you can see by the archives on this site. In the meantime, I've been adding maps and art, expanding the adventures a bit and adding full stat blocks for everything. This all increased the file from about 80 pages to about 250 pages, and it's an increase that's completely useful, usable content for anyone running the campaign. That took some time, and I've been working on that really diligently. I'm therefore substantially done with this project; I wouldn't feel good launching a Kickstarter that wasn't mostly complete, and I was able to do that.

Mostly complete isn't entirely complete, though. I'm revising a few of the maps and incorporating edits from a couple of editors who have looked at this (including all the edits from my diligent wife Stephanie). I have to prepare a Print-on-Demand file and get printer proofs to me and Owen to review before we can call the POD portion of this done. So there are several minor moving pieces, but those are all in process toward a rapid completion. The Skaldwood Blight will be out to backers soon!