The next product I'll be releasing is very likely A Troll's Life, a unique adventure where all the players play evil trolls. The adventure has sort of a soft ramp-up to teach players about having regeneration, and then a bunch of other surprising events the trolls can bumble through on their quest for revenge.

A Troll's Life started out as a convention adventure; I had a good time playing a pseudo-vampire at last year's PaizoCon, and I thought playing a different set of monsters would be neat (I've never been into playing goblins, despite the success of Paizo's We Be Goblins line). I pulled a first draft of "the troll adventure" together for GameHoleCon in Wisconsin last November, and I remember having to submit it into the event catalog. I wasn't sure what to call it, so I just went with "A Troll's Life" since, you know, it hints that you play trolls. The name stuck through my more-polished run at PaizoCon earlier this year. 

Now that I'm just about to publish it, though, I'm thinking a more evocative name might be better. I've gotten a few ideas from friends of mine that are much better at naming stuff, and the title is likely to change. To what? Who knows! But it will almost certainly still have "trolls" in the title, since that's what the adventure is all about.