I received my contributor copies of Inner Sea Races, and I have to say I'm very impressed--seeing my bare words on the printed page, with art and borders and layout and such always gives me a thrill. In this case, it's particularly exciting because it's the first hardcover book I've contributed to.

I was hesitant about stating publicly what I'd worked on in Inner Sea Races before seeing this, because I know that a lot can change in development and they might have decided to jettison some of my writing. I'm pleased to say that all seven sections I wrote were recognizably mine. I did a close word-by-word comparison, and many of my words--particularly several turns of phrase I considered clever--made it right to print intact. My biggest miss appears to have been with the barbaric Kellid race; there is an element of strong spiritualism to that race that I didn't seem to emphasize enough (because they emphasized it a lot more in development). But all in all, I feel like my writing was what they wanted.

My sections were:

Humans (Azlanti)
Humans (Kellid)
Humans (Ulfen)

Now that I've pored over my sections, it's time to read the rest of the book!