I've made a few updates to the .pdf version of the Emergency Character collection. Primarily, these are .pdf-focused changes and not print-worthy changes, so I'm not planning to update the print versions. The updates include:
  • Providing two separate layouts for Vinkia the druid: the original version with her animal companion statistics on the same page as her statistics, and a second version with the animal companion separate from her statistics.
  • Including nested bookmarks.
  • Providing stats for Lutea, the fox familiar for Andeniel the witch. I didn't initially include the familiar stats because I don't ever see people use their familiars (other than Improved Familiars), as they're just too fragile to ever want their combat statistics. But a couple people have asked for them (including the reviewers Endzeitgeist, who always has such good things to say about my work), so I dropped them in.
  • Including a couple of pregenerated low-level summoned monsters for Zastatar the sorcerer.
  • A few minor edits and corrections, because I can't not tinker with my previous work once I get back under the hood.
If you've got the older .pdf version and don't get the updated version when you re-download it, send me an email at runamokgames@gmail.com and I'll get you set up with the new .pdf version.