I just got back from GenCon 2016, an exciting and game-packed long weekend. Although I had many fun games--some of which I'll touch on in future blog entries--the highlight for me was the chance to slip into a sold-out game of Torg.

I've been a fan of Torg since the 90s, and the news that Ulisses Spiele was relaunching the game put me into a tizzy last year. News has been slow, however, until last week. Although the rulebook is very sparse (only 31 pages, akin to a quick-start set of rules) and the adventure "Zero Hour" is very straightforward, there was more than a dozen pregenerated characters to choose from that, among them, displayed a lot of the reworked rules system. It seems to be streamlined without losing the core feel of the game. Further, there are now three separate decks of cards in play (the initiative cards and character power cards are now separate, and there are realm-specific decks as well).  

I'm very excited to see more of this game. Below is the character I played, an edeinos optant (or, for those unfamiliar with Torg's game world, a lizardman priest).