I've been doing some updating of my site, primarily including a more robust and complete set of my "Other Works" and providing links to my Pathfinder Second Edition adventures released through Rogue Genius Games. Combined, these products total 145 published credits to my name. This list includes my work as a freelance developer, but it doesn't include projects I develop on a day-to-day basis as part of my job with Paizo for the last couple of years. Perhaps, for completion, it should include those, but for now those are omitted.

It also doesn't include scholarly or legal work that I released in my earlier career as an attorney (although my contributions to Ambulatory Surgery Centers: Legal and Regulatory Issues and my article "The High Cost of Giving: A Brief Review of OIG Advisory Opinions for 2006 and 2007" are undoubtedly floating around out there somewhere).

Finally and most significantly, it doesn't include projects for which my writing is complete but which haven't yet been announced (which includes two particularly large 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons products, as well as several smaller writing projects for Paizo), and it doesn't include anything for which my writing isn't actually complete (which includes a few more unannounced Paizo products that aren't yet due and aren't yet done). 

Including those last few projects which will, in the near future, be able to go on my list, I have more than 150 RPG writing credits to my name. That's a lot of work I'm really proud of.