So how many copies of my RPG products did I sell at Wizard World Chicago? Three. One copy of each of The Underdelve Menace, the Emergency Character Collection, and Teeth of the Storm. I met a lot of neat gamers, but on the whole, comic convention attendees are quite certain what the "Pathfinder" game is; I had a lot of people give my products blank stares.

My friend gets most of his sales from conventions like this, and very little on-line. I'm the reverse: I get most of my sales on-line, and few in person or at hobby shops (which is why this site is eager to point you to one of the on-line vendors). So it's much too different a market to be selling well; this was the lesson I learned at Wizard World Chicago.

But I also got to see Stan Lee, and get my picture taken with a few Wonder Women and Spider-Men--that was neat.