I got to play an awful lot of the 5th edition of Dungeons and Dragons last weekend--about 20 hours in total. A few months ago, I had given up on an earlier playtest version of the edition as being "not complete enough to really play," and I'm pleased to see that has been fixed (obviously) for the final release.

I made a stalwart human fighter named Harald Knauf. He lasted less then one combat. I got to make only 4 rolls with him: an initiative check (which he rolled reasonably well, but was slower than two goblins who shot him in the chest with arrows, knocking him out), and three death saves (each of which I failed). Four rolls; that's all poor Harald got.I had joked about our DM, who a friend had nicknamed "The Reaper" in contrast to his affable DMing style, but the Reaper held true to his moniker this day.

Fortunately, Harald's nearly-identical brother Otto Knauf was nearby and stepped in for the rest of the goblin-slaying, dragon-defying adventure!