I've been fortunate to do a lot of work for Headless Hydra Games already, but a big project that's been in the works for a while is now coming to the surface. The Viridian Legacy adventure path will soon be released in its installments, and the Viridian Legacy Player's Guide is now available at RPGNow.com and Paizo.com. I put together the skeleton of the adventure path and wrote the player's guide and GM's guide, but it's neat to see how Axel at Headless Hydra Games has really put a professional shine on what I've written: full color interiors, great additional material from very talented authors, and so on.

The player's guide, in particular, was a thrill to write, since it primarily dealt with how to fit races and classes into a well-developed, exciting setting, and creating a boatload of new rules items as well. Adventure design is my first love, but crafting rules is also fun.
Keep an eye out for the Viridian Legacy GM's guide and the first adventure, for which I did a bit of writing as well.