A month ago, I felt like I had way too much writing going on; with the Ruins of Azlant adventure path chapter for Paizo still a long way from being done, my work on the Heroes of the High Court nearing a deadline, and the D&D adventure I hadn't really started, I felt like my plate was very full.

Now, I'm in one of those rare moments where I don't have any current work for Paizo, and I'm planning to polish up and send in my D&D adventure tomorrow (well in advance of the October deadline, but I want to get it in soon enough that my developer can give it to a playtest group for feedback in the editing process). Soon, I won't have any outside projects on my plate at all!

So, of course, I'm turning back to my Run Amok Games work. Although I have any number of projects to pick up and run with (including two projects that friends have asked me to look at reviewing with an eye to publish), I've found myself most interested in turning back to Leng. I explored this realm (well-documented in HP Lovecraft's writings) for my soon-to-be-released Dreams of the Yellow King for Paizo, but I've long had an adventure in Leng sketched out in my writing journal and half-begun in a file on my computer. I opened that old file--which I hadn't touched in 9 months, I noticed--and managed to produce several thousand more words just in the last couple of days. It's inspiring to see the words pouring out like that. I'm still months away from completing it--and I'm honestly not sure whether it will make a better Pathfinder adventure or a 5th edition D&D adventure--but it's headed in a good direction.