As the first non-adventure product for Run Amok Games, I've adjusted my usual process a bit for The Emergency Character Collection. First, I workshopped it, asking a fairly large group of friends to evaluate the layout, find errors, and give feedback on the art (and there is a LOT of art here). Second, I've decided to produce a free product, to show off two of the 13 PCs and hopefully drive more sales by letting people know what they can get.

I needed to revise the cover art at the last minute for several reasons (not the least of which was a desire to see one of the two sample PCs represented on the cover), and found Marco Morte to be a real pleasure to work with. The interior art is all from Blake Wilkie, who has been doing a lot of my interior art and covers recently. I think the art here will be well-received, and it's a big part of the presentation.

The .pdf of the sample and the full product will be available in the next day or two, with the print version to follow. Here is the cover!