Well, this is all happening a bit sooner than I'd like, but it's great to see.

Wizards of the Coast, in conjunction with OneBookShelf (the engine behind DriveThruRPG and RPGNow) have produced their own storefront called "The Dungeon Master's Guild." This allows people to create and sell their own materials using all of the 5E rules, Forgotten Realms intellectual property, and even some basic art and maps that WotC has provided (although not maps of the Forgotten Realms world, unfortunately). 

WotC had reached out to some of us a few months ago to inform us of this pending program, to solicit our feedback, and to answer any questions we have. It was tremendously polite of them, and I got a lot of my questions answered on this.

Meanwhile, though, I started writing and ordering maps and art. I'm planning a four-adventure series called "The Clockworker Chronicles" set in the Forgotten Realms to sell at the DM's Guild store. I was hopeful that I'd have the first adventure ready to go by site launch, but all they told us was "launch sometime in January," and I didn't have enough time (writing an entire adventure path chapter by December 21st, and a 5E Adventurer's Guild adventure by the 15th, and writing still another Paizo product by the 18th will do that!)

This DM's Guild work was the "quick turnaround project" I alluded to in my last post--you'll see the first of the Clockworker Chronicles, "The Sawmill Horror," later this month.