Here's a blog post that I've been looking to write for a while; I've wanted to set forth the games I'm currently playing and running. I think this is useful to see where my "head is at" regarding games--what systems I'm practicing, whether I'm having immediate familiarity with high-level play, and so on. So here is my current schedule, as of this month:

Alternate Mondays: GM, Kingmaker adventure path (we are at the beginning of chapter 3 of 6)

Alternate Mondays: Scheduled Pathfinder Society Card Game, in chapter 1 of Wrath of the Righteous (we play a LOT of PACG on an ad-hoc basis, but this is a scheduled evening with a set group)

Alternate Tuesdays: Player, Supernatural universe with The Strange rules (we just switched from Supernatural's Cortex system rules to The Strange rules a few sessions ago, but the characters and overall plot arcs are the same)

Alternate Tuesdays: DM, Paizo's "Legacy of Fire" adventure path, using 5E D&D rules (we'll soon start chapter 3 of 6)

Every Wednesday: DM, D&D Encounters at my local game store (we recently finished the Princes of the Apocalypse mini-campaign and just started Out of the Abyss)

Alternate Thursdays: GM, Shattered Star (uses gestalt rules; we are at the very end of chapter 5 of 6)

Irregular Weekend Evenings, about two weekends a month: Player, Reign of Winter (we're near the end of chapter 4 of 6)

Some of this is slated to change out (the Supernatural game is ending around Halloween, and the game store where I'm running D&D Encounters is closing in October sometime, and we're nearly done with Shattered Star), so perhaps I'll provide a new list in a couple of months. Game on!