Although I do all sorts of gaming, I've never really gotten very deep into superhero games. My friend Jake loves superhero RPGs of all kinds, though, and he convinced me to take a long Saturday and drive to a not-quite-so-nearby convention called GameHoleCon last weekend. We played three slots, all in one day: a rendition of the well-known indie game Lady Blackbird using the Savage World rules, which I know well; a Marvel superhero game using delightfully antiquated percentile dice and charts; and a superhero RPG I'd never heard of called Icons which plays very fast and represents the genre well. Two of the three games were overtly superhero RPGs, and the other was space opera in fine superheroic form. I was lucky to have great GMs in all three games (and other players who put up with my and my friend's silly antics and terrible jokes). I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. I talked to a few artists and publishers and made some great connections. By just about every measure, a great convention day.