With Kingdom of Toads: Mythic Edition, I've now produced 10 products for Run Amok Games. That's actually a pretty good number for a one-man shop run by a busy guy; I'm really proud to have made it this far. The schedule I'd set for myself is one product every quarter, which would have had me at 14 products by now. I can't say that I'm too upset about falling short of that, considering so much other freelancing I've done in the meantime (mostly The Choking Tower, but also a lot of satisfying work on Lost Treasures and Tombs of Golarion).

But I'm keeping on! I've got several more products in the works: Perils of the Broken Road will be out in the next couple of months (I plan to debut it at PaizoCon over Memorial Day Weekend), and then The Emergency Settlement Collection right after that. 

So here's to the next 10!