As a quick heads-up, here’s the status of the three “in the works” products:

Teeth of the Storm is fully through writing and editing. All of the art is in. I'm just finishing layout this week. I plan to release this in print and .pdf at the same time. Some of the illustrations, while great, may be a bit too dark, so I’ll be scrutinizing the print proof before approving this for public sale. Expect Teeth of the Storm near the end of July.

The Emergency Character Collection is fully written and being edited now. The art is ordered and the first few character portraits are already in. I’d be delighted to get this out in August, and that looks likely right now.

Kingdom of Toads is fully outlined but only about two-thirds written. I’m doing a little more work on the cartography, but the art is all ordered and should be coming in soon. I’ll be finishing this up over the summer, and planning on an October or November release.

All in all, this puts me on track for where I initially intended to be when I started Run Amok, which was about one product every quarter starting in the last quarter of 2011.