I've been a little light on the design side of RPGs recently, although I did create some additional treasures for the Ruins of Azlant adventure path that was a lot of fun. Instead, I've been doing some development work behind the scenes for a few different groups. That's basically editing, but it's the most fun part of editing--taking something that's already written and making it more awesome. If the rules aren't quite tight, tighten them up; if the words don't flow together clearly, rewrite them so they do. In these cases, I'll take care to make sure the author's voice and ideas come through--just as I prefer the developers of my own writing do--and I provide any requested feedback to the authors about why I made the changes I did. I can't yet talk specifics, but when the projects come out, I'll note them. So that's what's taking a lot of my time these days.

In other news, though, I'm refining my adventure where all the PCs play trolls--A Troll's Life--which I ran at GameHoleCon last year and I intend to run at PaizoCon later this year.  Combined with the Hell's Vengeance adventure path I'm running, that's a lot of work into running adventures where the players are the bad guys!