One of the things announced at GenCon was the next Paizo adventure path: Ruins of Azlant, where the PCs travel to the shattered, sunken continent of Azlant (the Pathfinder world's analogue of Atlantis). I'm writing a chapter set in a sunken tower where a powerful undead wizard lives. I hear you saying, "wait, wasn't that your Choking Tower in the Iron Gods adventure path?" Yes, sort of. I suppose I'm the "undead wizard's tower" specialist when it comes to adventure paths!

That makes my fifth AP chapter overall, and my fourth in a row:
* Chapter 6 of Hell's Vengeance: Hell Comes to Westcrown
* Chapter 3 of Strange Aeons: Dreams of the Yellow King
* Chapter 2 of Ironfang Invasion: Fangs of War
* Chapter 5 of Ruins of Azlant: Tower of the Drowned Dead

Speaking of...I'd better get back to writing it. My turnover date is later this month!