I'm back from PaizoCon, and I had a great time. Although there were tons of fun memories--taking the new Wrath of the Righteous Pathfinder Adventure Card Game for a spin, putting the hurt on Rovagug in John Compton's Golarionender game, and seeing the monastery of Tar Kuata I wrote for Osirion: Legacy of Pharaohs from the player side in the Pathfinder Society adventure "Test of Tar Kuata"--one of the highlights was running a slightly condensed version of Perils of the Broken Road in a premiere. The table was fantastic, and made great use of the PCs from The Emergency Character Collection. I gave each of my players a copy of the adventure afterwards.

Now you can get it! Perils of the Broken Road is available at RPGNow as of right now and will be available at Paizo and d20PFSRD soon. I've therefore moved it from "Upcoming" to "Our Products", and you have all the links there to take you where you can get it. Check it out!