Although it's now early Wednesday, I'm still recovering from a monumental weekend. I not only ran my first marathon (the Chicago Marathon on Sunday), but I also completed my milestone for my longest Paizo project to date. My total project is about 41,000 words. For a milestone, you need to show progress by sending in at least a third or so of your words; I sent in about 20,000, so I've made a good start.

For this particular project, I also had to turn in a handful of completed magic items and a few substantially-complete maps at the same time. For the magic items, I'm lucky to have several smart, rules-savvy friends that gave them a look and suggested improvements. For the maps, I was "lucky" to be fairly immobile Monday due to aftereffects of the marathon, and thus was able to polish my maps up quite effectively.

The last 20,000+ words are due in early December, so time for me to get back to work!