The Pathfinder Adventure Card Game is at last available, and I was very excited to get a copy. I playtested the game pretty extensively, and it was good to see several of our group's proposed recommendations implemented. One of the strong advantages of the game is how easy it is to create custom scenarios. The first solid custom scenario I made can't yet be built--it includes cards from sets that aren't released yet, and might have changed--but here is a custom scenario I created that you can use with the cards in the starting box. Enjoy!

The Cult of the Moon Sisters scenario is intended for characters who have completed Perils of the Lost Coast, and perhaps even Burnt Offerings. The presence of two villains—each of whom becomes very powerful when the moon is right—makes this scenario challenging. It only requires cards from Sets B and C (but it doesn't matter if Set 1 cards are already included, too).

Two powerful werewolves—twin sisters steeped in astronomical lore—have arrived in the Sandpoint region in advance of certain eldritch cosmological conjunctions. These two demagogues are attended by a coterie of cultists and monsters, whose powers fluctuate as the moon waxes and wanes. These two sisters and their vile cult must be stopped!

Setup: Remove the two Werewolf cards and all the Cultist cards from the monsters and set them aside; the two Werewolves are the villains of this scenario and the Cultists are the henchmen (and can be used to close locations, just like any henchmen). If you need more henchmen than this, use any card you can remember is intended to represent a Cultist (like unused Loot cards).

Players: Location 
1: Town Square 
1: Warrens 
1: Woods 
2: Wooden Bridge 
3: Treacherous Cave 
4: Garrison 
5: Farmhouse 
6: Shrine to Lamashtu

Villain: Werewolves (2)

Henchmen: Cultists

During This Scenario:You must defeat both villains to defeat this scenario. When you corner and defeat the first werewolf, set it aside. You win when you corner and defeat the second werewolf.

If the top card of the Blessings discard pile is a Blessing of the Gods, the difficulty to defeat any bane is increased by 2.

Reward: Each character chooses a random blessing from the box.