Last weekend, I was able to make it to my first ever PaizoCon, the convention held every year in Seattle by Paizo Publishing. I was able to play in some very fun games run by Paizo employees, and attended several seminars about how to improve my writing and the state of third-party publishing. Perhaps best of all, I was able to sit down with several of my developers and talk about what they liked that I did, what I could do better, and how I can get more work from them in the future.

Also, I sat down late on Saturday night to a game of the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game in the PACG demo room. To my surprise, I was sharing the table with Mike Selinker (who created the game) and Lisa Stevens (CEO and founder of Paizo). It was a great time with some surprising luminaries. For the record, we won the game, beating Mammy Graul with time to spare!

It was a whirlwind trip that was much more than just gaming--thanks much to Ellen, Scott, Russell, and Mark for showing me around their great city!