You might be curious what the Boosted Bestiary looks like before you go buy it right here. Let me show you, with four examples!

First, here's the first monster section of the book, the axiomite aeon. The axiomites in the Pathfinder Bestiary are level 8. Since I'm statting up monsters that are (usually) separated by 3 levels, so you can just "weak template/elite template" to all levels in between, I included lower-level axiomites at levels 2 and 5. (There are also level 11, 14, and 17 axiomites on the following pages!) I decided that, rather than just make these "axiomites but weaker," I'd put a little story behind them. You'll see that the level 2 axiomite is one near the end of their lifecycle, able to transform into crystalline dust only one last time, then it's gone forever. The level 5 axiomite is a criminal who has been stripped of some of their power as a punishment. There are lots of ways to model weaker versions of monsters, and I use a wide variety in the Boosted Bestiary.

Second, here's a page from the cockatrice section. This shows one that's weaker than the base cockatrice, and one that's a tougher. They're levels 0 and 6, respectively, around the base cockatrice that's level 3. The tougher one has not just better numbers, but a new power (called, appropriately, Cock-a-Doodle-Doo!) that suits its story a bit. This also has art, and it's a good time for me to admit that I didn't pay for any art in this product except the cover. Pathfinder Infinite creators get access to a LOT of free art--that's one of the best reasons to produce a product with Pathfinder Infinite!

Third, here's a page from the gnolls section. These gnolls are all built up from the basic gnoll scout, which is level 2, so they are levels 5 and 8 (gnolls go all the way up to level 17 on the following pages). Gnolls use equipment, so their equipment gets better as they go up in levels. The 5th level gnoll has a greataxe, which is already a better weapon, but the 8th level gnoll has a magical greataxe instead! There are several other "monsters" that are, functionally, humanoid races that are presented at a bunch of levels. That makes the Boosted Bestiary sort of an NPC codex as well, if you want a bunch of catfolk and tengus and aasimars and tieflings and such, too. 

Fourth, I have a few monster sections where I collapse a few monsters that come together thematically in the Pathfinder Bestiary. There's no reason to have a wolf section separate from a dire wolf section; I just put those all together in the "wolf" section in the Boosted Bestiary. Here are some of the tougher dire wolves. One has a "defender" type power, and the other has fire resistance due to being fiend-blooded. I've included several little modifications like this throughout the book. You can tell they're the same monster, as they both have similar abilities like Pack Attack and Worry, but little tweaks make them just a bit more special.

Like what you see? Please go pick up the Boosted Bestiary for more!