Just a quick note today about Pathfinder Second Edition stat blocks. We now list a creature's equipment differently than we did before.

In short, it's strictly alphabetical. But it's alphabetical in a bit of a strange way. Let's say an NPC has the following items: a stunning snare, a moderate healing potion, a ring of climbing, +1 striking composite shortbow (40 arrows), +2 greater striking longsword, +1 resilient breastplate, 54 gold pieces, and an ivory bracelet worth 25 gp. 

The listing is alphabetical by the way the items are indexed in the book. Generally, that means ignoring runes on items (like the "+1" or "striking" or "glamered" for weapons or armor), and qualifiers of type (like "major" or "minor") and then alphabetizing. Since things like a "composite shortbow" are indexed under c for composite (and not by s for shortbow), you'll alphabetize them that way, too. 

This applies to mundane items, too; the ivory bracelet is, fundamentally, a braceletthat's its kind of thingso it would be alphabetized under b.

Finally, money always comes at the end, just like in Pathfinder First Edition.

So here's how the items above are properly listed:

Items ivory bracelet worth 25 gp, +1 resilient breastplate, +1 striking composite shortbow (40 arrows), moderate healing potion, +2 greater striking longsword, ring of climbing, stunning snare, 54 gp

(Another note: Pathfinder Second Edition always pluralizes those in-line headers, so it's "Items" even if there's only one thing listed.)

We now return you to your regularly scheduled non-technical programming!