So I haven't yet been able to dig through my latest Paizo publications and compare them on a close basis with my turnovers. I did notice that each of the three tombs I submitted for Tombs of Golarion included a 300-word sidebar detailing the burial customs of each of the three cultures I touched on (Kellids, Yamasans, and Rahadoumi), but these sidebars didn't make the final cut. I hope they show up somewhere else, although I suppose a Burial Customs of Golarion book is not likely.

I had an interesting design idea that I submitted for Melee Tactics Toolbox called "timeworn" weapons. I just noticed that it didn't make the final cut. Most likely because it's a non-standard design idea, but also because the name--"timeworn"--is already in use as part of the Technology Guide (hey, don't blame me--the work-in-progress version of the Technology Guide that I was given to help write The Choking Tower didn't have that term). Anyway, because I think others might find it interesting to use, here is my idea for "timeworn" weapons, which perhaps might better be called "legacy" weapons:

Legacy Weapon

Price varies      Weight varies

The legacy quality can only be applied to a nonmagical masterwork melee weapon. Whether due to corrosion, decay, or general neglect, the weapon does not confer a +1 enhancement bonus on attack rolls and cannot be made into a magic weapon. With expensive materials costing 300 gp and diligent care, a weaponsmith can restore this bonus, treating the weapon as a normal masterwork weapon thereafter. A legacy weapon costs 290 gp less than a masterwork weapon of the same type. A legacy double weapon costs 590 gp less than a masterwork weapon of the same type and requires restoration of each end (for 300 gp each).
Special: As the masterwork quality cannot be added to a weapon after its creation, many PCs jettison their starting weapon as soon as they find a masterwork version. Some PCs wish to begin play with a weapon once wielded by a famous relative and dislike parting with their family heirloom. Such a weapon can be purchased as a legacy weapon for only a small premium, allowing the PC to wield the same cherished weapon throughout her adventuring career.