Just a quick note--I'm off to Wizard World Chicago for the day. A friend of mine owns a comic company and obtained an exhibitor booth and badges, which he's kindly sharing with me in exchange for a place to crash during the convention (he's attending all four days; I'm only attending today). How many of my RPG adventures will I sell at a comics convention? My prediction is "some, but not many." Let me be a little more specific with numbers: my friend is bringing around 60 copies of each issue (but many more of his Issue #1) and expects to sell them out over the course of the show. I"m bringing 15 copies of each of my products, and expect to not sell them out. Let me make a prediction this morning and see how it goes: I predict I'll sell about 5 copies of each product, or 35 products total. We'll see. Now I'm off to Wizard World!