Later today, I'm flying out to my second-ever PaizoCon in Seattle. I've got a neat slate of games planned--including play of the new Pathfinder Adventure Card Game set (Wrath of the Righteous), some Pathfinder Society games (although I've played only one or two PFS games in the last year), and some events I was able to get into by lottery. One of these is Necromancer of the Northwest's "Iron Adventurer" game, where you bring your own character and hope to survive the rigors thrown at you. I think I have a well-prepared character (Nolly Bumpus, cleric of Desna), but one of the only situations poor Nolly couldn't handle well is a straight-up fight with a big, powerful monster (like a hill giant). We'll see how that goes. I'm also planning to meet with some of the developers I work for to ask about future work and how I can improve what I'm doing. 

One of the highlights of PaizoCon is the banquet, where they make announcements about upcoming products. This is fun for me, because I have some inside information--the new adventure path they're announcing is the one I just finished writing a chapter for, and the new Pathfinder Adventure Card Game set they're going to announce is one I've been playtesting for a little while now. Still, there are always additional items I don't know about, and it's fun to have such energy in the room for these.

My wife was very understanding while we plowed through the Season of the Shackles scenarios for the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, so that I can get a few unique boons when I play the Season of the Righteous events at PaizoCon, which I'm quite looking forward to.

Wish my dice the best of luck!