Well, after an exhausting push through this weekend and into this week, I've completed and turned in my Starfinder Adventure Path volume kicking off an as-yet-unannounced Adventure Path. I think it's among the best Starfinder AP volumes I've written; it had the potential for being really scattered and disjointed, but I had a few overall framing things and interconnections that I think tie it all together well. My developer will be the first judge of that, and the players will be the second.

I did a quick count, and this is my 14th Adventure Path adventure. I've now written 9 Pathfinder AP adventures (7 in First Edition, 2 in Second Edition) and 5 Starfinder AP adventures. I think this makes me the most prolific Starfinder AP author, but I haven't yet checked that. Right now, I'm too tired.

My process on this adventure wasn't great, especially at the end. My outline work was very solid, but I waited too long to get into the actual writing and my milestone was a bit rushed and under the "halfway" word-count more than I'd like. That meant I had even more do write for the final turnover. I worked on this in short bursts after my milestone date, mostly making the plans I described above for better interconnectivity and coming up with a new side encounter about an evil cult with an unlikely background. But in the final weeks, when I was planning to really do dedicated writing in the evenings, I had a crushing work deadline that ate up most of my evenings. So, in the past 5 days or so I had to pull a few long days of writing, including taking some vacation time to devote to writing. I know I can do 1,000 words in an evening fairly solidly, and 5,000 words if I devote a whole day, which I had to do, but back-to-back days of 5,000 words are really exhausting. I'd have trouble being a full-time freelancer. 

When I was nearly complete and nearly ready to turn the adventure in, I realized I'd forgotten two maps (one half-page, one full-page). I'd been working off of a good sketch, but I needed to transform those into turnover-quality maps and I hadn't budgeted the time to do so. Once again, another late night to wrap those up and be sure they tied with the adventure locations accurately.

My lesson from this is something I tell my freelancers: don't wait until the last minute, because Life Events happen. Keep a consistent pace, which allows you to be flexible if something comes up. I'll definitely be applying this if I get the opportunity for number 15!