I've had two projects percolating for a while that I'm glad to announce: Nasty Bastards, and the Emergency Villain Collection.

"Nasty Bastards" is intended to be a mini-campaign along the lines of Paizo's well-received "We Be Goblins" and "We Be Goblins Too."  Nasty Bastards has a bit more serious tone, and is much bigger in scope, as it takes the brutal humanoid PCs from 1st to 5th or 6th level. This will be a more expensive product than our usual price point, as it's more than twice as long and will also be full color!

"The Emergency Villain Collection" is a bit of an extension, in the same way "The Emergency Character Collection" was. With the EVC, my goal is to produce complicated stat-blocks in a straightforward, useful way for a GM that needs an encounter. If a GM needs an ogre and five orcs, he can just open a Bestiary. But if you want a high-level pirate captain cleric with insane buccaneers in a ship propelled by a zombie shoggoth--well, those stats are pretty complex, and having a product with the design work already done would be quite useful. I hope it will at least be interesting to readers to see the crazy combinations I present.

Two other more standard adventures--"A Lucky Morning" and "Perils of the Broken Road"--are both low-level adventures but with very different settings. "A Lucky Morning" is a purely urban investigative adventure, while "Perils of the Broken Road" is a more straightforward exploration adventure with a few surprising twists.

There are a few projects in the works other than these, but they're too tentative to put out right now--but they still might see the light of day in a busy 2014!