I have four Pathfinder Society adventures out with Paizo, which are available in .pdf only. Recently I've been working on several print products for Paizo as well. Although the first of these--an article on artifacts and magic items called Lost Relics of the Crusades in Adventure Path 74 Sword of Valor--doesn't come out until next month, this month's adventure path contains, as usual for Paizo, a "Coming Next Month" page listing the contents of the next month's issue. Lost Relics of the Crusades is mentioned there, along with my name listed as the author of that pending piece. Right there in print.

This is very exciting, as it's the very first appearance of my name in a Paizo print product. I'm excited about other products to come, but I thought this was really neat. As today is my 40th birthday, it's a neat birthday present, too!

I should also note, in order to be technically correct (the best kind of correct!) that my name also appears in print in the playtest credits of the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, which was also just released by Paizo. That's a great game, and it's neat to see how many of my playtest group's thoughts have gone into the final game.