When I was deep in the writing of Kingdom of Toads, I heard about the Mythic Adventures hardcover coming out. This sounded like a good fit: the story of Kingdom of Toads is a bit fairy-tale, a bit myth, and a lot of over-the-top encounters. However, the mythic rules were pretty new, and would require that I master them pretty deeply to provide a good mythic product. I'd also have to unwind a lot of the writing I'd already done, I believed.

It's quite some time later, and I've got a much better grasp of the mythic rules and, more importantly, how to design mythic adventures. I'm planning to revamp Kingdom of Toads and publish a second "Mythic Edition" of that, later this year. As it turns out, the biggest part of a mythic adventure is getting the feel right, and Kingdom of Toads already hits that quite well, I think. So it would be a much more natural fit than, say, The Six Griffons Haunt: Mythic Edition.

Kingdom of Toads already does well for people who want over-the-top high level play. Soon it'll have an edition for people that want over-the-top high level mythic play.