Hey, I have my GenCon schedule finalized at last! Generally speaking, you can find me at Paizo's booth in the Exhibit Hall during Exhibit Hall hours, talking about our new edition. I have lots to say about it, so come by!

I'm also presenting in three panels. These are all in ICC:212, the Paizo seminar room (which is the same seminar room as last year).

Thursday, August 1st
In the Exhibit Hall pretty much the whole time it's open. There will be long lines for our new book!

Friday, August 2nd
Dungeon Design Dissection, from noon to 1 pm.

Saturday, August 3rd:
Pathfinder 2E Adventure Design Workshop, from noon to 1 pm. 
Pathfinder 2E Adventure Path Q&A, from 5 pm to 6 pm.

Sunday, August 4th:
In the Exhibit Hall until noon (and in the hall after noon, too, but working in the back room and therefore not as approachable)

See you there!