So, my "milestone" day for the new adventure path chapter I'm writing is just about upon me--that's the date I have to turn over whatever I have so far and show that I'm on the right track and about halfway done. I'll be powering through a lot of writing this weekend for that. I'm already at half my word count, so I'm not worried about being behind, but I note that much of my word count so far is already taken up with stat blocks. The adventure I'm writing is high-level, so the stat blocks of the enemies tend to be complex (with long spell lists and lots of special abilities, for example), and I've done nearly all of my stat blocks already. The balance, therefore, is in description and plot and such--and there is a lot of that to squeeze into what is seeming a very small space! I'm already flagging bits that can easily fall to the cutting room floor if I end up blowing way past my word count, but we'll see how that goes.

I've already finished with the three monsters that I'm contributing to my chapter's bestiary. This is good, because I also picked up another assignment for four new monsters for a different upcoming bestiary. Monster design is very different from adventure design, but it's helpful to my creativity to jump between the two types of writing as inspiration strikes.