I've had the privilege of contributing adventures to an exciting upcoming product: an entire adventure path for 5E D&D called Mother of Monsters. This is a fantasy Greek-themed adventure path set in a vibrant world with a lot of adventure opportunity. It's Kickstarting now, and you can back it right here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/zagoragames/mother-of-monsters-the-awakening-of-naehurdamia

Several things really impressed me from the beginning with the way Adrian set this up. He'd obviously put a lot of deep thought into the world he wanted to create, right down to inventing a Greek-like language that all of our in-world names could be drawn from. Rather than "fantasy Zeus" or "fantasy Poseidon," he put a lot of thought into who the gods were (hint: not really gods at all), how they interacted with each other, and how they different from a straight-up mythological copy. In addition to a well-thought-out campaign outline, he even had a few "demo" adventures to showcase the world and the feel he wanted to evoke. All very useful stuff for an adventure author!

So get the Mother of Monsters adventure path. And when you get to 11th level (tier 3 of D&D play) and things really seem to be getting wild with an extra-legendary feel and titanic consequences, you're in the two back-to-back adventures that I wrote!