I was talking with Mark, one of my developers at Paizo, last GenCon. I observed that, although I get work from a few different developers at Paizo, I only seem to get work from one of them at a time--I joked that there must be some whiteboard with the freelancers' names on it, and the developers mark them off as they're using them. This isn't the case, but it wasn't until this month that I actually overlapped on Paizo products--and how!

I was asked to contribute to an upcoming Pathfinder Campaign Setting book (like Lost Treasures or Tombs of Golarion--its title hasn't yet been announced), with a due date of the 26th of this month. I took a large chunk of that, or about 9000 words. Actually, I just took everything for it that hadn't yet been assigned. About a week later, another developer asked if I'd contribute to the upcoming Player Companion book, Blood of Shadows. I said I was already working on a project, but it looked fun, so I'd take 3000 words or so (as it turns out, I was assigned the fetchling section--which is awesome, since I'd written all about fetchlings in Inner Sea Races!). It also has a due date of the 26th. And then I was doubled up with Paizo, in a way I hadn't been before.

But that wasn't all! Yet another developer emailed me to ask if I'd be able to take on one of the chapters of the upcoming adventure path Strange Aeons on a very tight timeframe. Of course I wanted this--the adventure path chapter writing is the most fun, high-profile, and exhausting writing that I do (as my posts while handling The Choking Tower for Iron Gods and Hell Comes to Westcrown for Hell's Vengeance can attest). I warned him that I couldn't really get started until the 26th, with the other projects on my plate, so he managed to find a bit of extra time for me--although he did email me the outline and other ancillary materials I'd need. 

So, after wondering whether Paizo ever doubles up on its freelancers, I'm now triple-booked! On top of this, though, I still plan to squeeze out the last few hours necessary to get Run Amok Bestiary out and away!