I had a great time this last weekend playing Warhammer 40K at a local tournament, giving my Chaos Space Marines (with a Nurgle emphasis) a try. It was a three-game tournament all Saturday long. After the first two games I was tied for 5th place, and poised to leap into the top 3 if I did very well in the final game. I did not do well in the final game. Iyanden Eldar wiped me out pretty handily. Still, I was pleased to win the "Best Sportsmanship" award for, as the organizers put it, "being caught several times telling his opponent how to kill his army better."  I think I'm actually happier with Best Sportsmanship that I would've been taking one of the top 3 places!

Seems I'm just giving Warhammer 40K news these days, but I'm still plowing forward on a Paizo project, and getting A Lucky Morning through layout. Perils of the Broken Road is finished up and undergoing the stern editing gaze of my lovely wife.  I'm also nearing completion of the text for The Emergency Villain Collection. So all the Run Amok goodness is rolling on like...well...like Iyanden Eldar rolls over Nurgle Chaos Space Marines.