Authors of Paizo's adventure path volumes usually write more than the adventure itself. We also write up the statistics for the two or three NPCs featured in the back of the adventure, the new magic items, and even sometimes the new monsters (in The Choking Tower, the thought harvester and the thorgothrel are both mine).

Here's one of the items that I submitted that didn't make the final cut to be included in the adventure. Partly that's because the smoke furnace needed to be included among the items (which was an addition after I turned in my manuscript; something had to go in order to make room for it), but mostly because the item is probably too cheap for its power and therefore not great as magic item--or in this case, technological item--design goes. But here they are, the rift boots:

Rift Boots                Price 5,000 gp

Slot feet Weight 6 lbs.

Capacity 10; Usage 1 charge, 2 charges, or 4 charges

These tall bronze boots are sheathed with microscopic emitters that, when activated, create a rift in space just large enough for the wearer to step through, carrying no more than a medium load. Rift boots allow the wearer to instantly travel exactly 10 feet in any direction, regardless of intervening terrain or other obstacles; the wearer simply steps through the rift in her current location and steps out of a rift 10 feet away. This travel does not provoke attacks of opportunity.

If the wearer would arrive in a place that is already occupied by a solid body, she is shunted to the open space on a suitable surface nearest to the intended location (which may mean she reappears in the same place she left). This shunting is harmless in a new pair of rift boots, but rift boots found in Numeria glitch whenever the wearer is shunted.

Using the rift boots is normally a standard action that expends 1 charge. The wearer may spend 2 charges to activate the boots as a move action or to extend the distance traveled from 10 feet to exactly 100 feet. The wearer may do both by expending 4 charges.

CONSTRUCTION  Cost 2,500 gp

Craft Technological Item; Craft DC 25