Paizo's latest big release is Inner Sea Races, a product that I wrote a lot for (in fact, I had my initial assignment, which I completed--and they gave me another, which I completed--and they gave me a third, which I also completed; by the end of that, I felt like I'd written half the book!). It was exciting to see a recent blog post on their site about it, showcasing "10 Secrets from Inner Sea Races." One of these is about halflings:

7. Halflings consider unexpected greetings to be an unlucky omen, so they often nod at one another silently and wait for recognition before speaking a greeting out loud.

My Inner Sea Races turnover(s) were long ago (I turned over the first assignment in August 2014, the second in January 2015, and the third in May 2015), so when I read that blog post I thought "Unexpected greetings are unlucky? Where do I remember that from?" But then it clicked that I'd written that! I wrote the halfling section, and one of the most fun parts about that was to come up with several things halflings considered lucky, and several they considered unlucky. I'm interested to see how many of my items made it in the final version.