I'm still recovering from GenCon, but I wanted to announce that the hardworking reviewer Endzeitgeist has just reviewed Kingdom of Toads: Mythic Edition, and given it four stars. That's a one-star step down from the non-mythic version of the adventure, due primarily--it seems--to a "vanilla" application of the base mythic rules. I think that's fair--I didn't familiarize myself with some of the other great third-party publisher mythic options and stuck to the core mythic rules alone. So there is some potential for improvement there if I turn to another mythic product in the future.

What particularly impressed me, though, is how Endzeitgeist works at his reviews. He tried "crossing the streams" with his playtest of this scenario, running non-mythic (but hardcore, apparently!) players through the mythic version. I think the results, and his analysis, are quite interesting. In his words:

 I tested this module with non-mythic PCs and my players, with much dying, some luck and strategy managed to prevail, so if your group is as insane and challenge-craving as mine, this module does test non-mythic characters to their limits and probably, beyond. Conversely, mythic characters had not an easy time, but neither was the party eliminated – in direct comparison, the non-mythic module felt more lethal for non-mythic characters than the mythic module for mythic characters.