I don't have a specific word count for Run Amok adventures. The adventures range somewhere between 13,000 to 24,000 words, but vary a lot based on the source of the adventure (whether it was originally written as a one-shot event, for example) and whether the adventure is investigation-heavy or more linear.

Last weekend, I substantially finished everything for "Kingdom of Toads" (more specifically, I still need to adjust the treasure available across the entire adventure for the CRs faced, and I need to finish the section on how to scale the adventure up for even higher-level (!) PCs). But I'd been writing it in two separate documents: a "text" document with the adventure and a "stats" document for the often-lengthy stat blocks for the creatures faced.

I put the two documents together, along with the unfinished maps, in order to send the full package to a few readers/playtesters. The whole thing clocks in at exactly 27,000 words, making it the longest Run Amok adventure to date (to compare, the next Run Amok adventure, "Beyond the Serpentine Lock," will be a more-typical 19,000 words). I knew it was big, but didn't realize how big--although, with over 20 stat blocks for ultra-high-level opponents, I probably should have guessed.

I briefly considered whether I'd raise its price from the $5.99/$9.99 base price I'd set, but I decided not to. I have a future product in development that will be priced higher, but that one is a real monster spanning several levels of play. For now, I'm sticking to the same price point. Some adventures will be bigger, and some a bit smaller, but each will have its own story sized, well, just right.