It's always a thrill when something I've been working on comes out to the public. It's even more thrilling when several things hit at once!

First of all, here's the October product announcement for Paizo. I worked on the first book listed (Lost Omens Pathfinder Society Guide), and I wrote BOTH of the adventures premiering this month: Dominion's End for Starfinder, and Assault on Hunting Lodge Seven for Pathfinder. Both are great adventures, but they're very different. One is an ultra-high-level adventure with mind-bending alien simulations and high-powered fights through an alien spacecraft. The other is an investigation adventure that starts with infiltrating a poisoners' conference to capture a criminal followed by a desperate defend-the-lodge scenario to keep the criminal safe from those who want to free or eliminate him. Plus, there's a haunted, abandoned amusement park--just perfect for Halloween! 

Second, Petersen Games has launched their Kickstarter to expand the Planet Apocalypse game, right here. It ends in only a few hours! This comes with a 5E D&D sourcebook, and I wrote a HUGE chunk of that. The devilish minions and desperate adventures against hordes of evil are coming to tabletops everywhere, and I'm really happy to have been part of that.

No matter where you go, this October, I've got you covered on the gaming front!