I've done a LOT of gaming in my time, but I'm doing something totally new now. My Starfinder group--which recently finished Dead Suns to the great enjoyment of all--is starting up the Dawn of Flame adventure path. This time, though, we're podcasting it! You can check out our episodes at IntrepidHeroes.net. Each one is around 45 minutes to an hour long.

We're looking to fill a particular niche here: actual gamers at play. I've seen a lot of the "actual play" genre get overwhelmed with professional voice actors, expensive production values, and so on. I worry that's a little intimidating to new players, who may think that's the "right" way to play. All we've done with Intrepid Heroes is mic up our gaming group, so listeners can hear what it's like around the table. We roll dice. We discuss and look up rules. We make mistakes. And that's all captured, not edited out, because we like to think we're modeling real play around a real table (my kitchen table, actually). And it's lots of fun!

My character is a ysoki operative named Skootch, who once had a sort of Anthony Bourdain-meets-Bear Grylls survivalist show called Skootch Eats It. But a life of eating gross things for fame is behind him now--he hopes!