I don't think I mentioned it on this blog yet, but I wrote quite a bit of Champions of Balance, the Paizo Publishing product about how to play neutral-aligned characters. Since it's not clear from just looking at the author list who did what, I thought I'd mentioned what I contributed to it--and what I contributed to it that never made it into the book.

I wrote the chapter on Bastions of Balance (the neutral nations and the neutral planes), Neutral Organizations, the new spells (one of which, explosion of rot, I see was moved into the druid section on page 25), and the summon neutral monsters stuff on the very back page. I did a close read. comparing my turnover text to the final print text, and Paizo kept a substantial chunk of my words in these sections with only a few changes (mostly, deletions for space, it seems), which makes me think I'm giving them what they need.

I was also assigned to write a center spread like the one in Champions of Purity, about a single feat called "Path of Balance" that required you choose one of six paths and gain a corresponding benefit--you could take the feat multiple times to follow different "paths of balance." This spread was cut entirely from the final Champions of Balance book, so it doesn't appear at all. Perhaps they'll use it in something else sometime.